We Plan Kids Birthday Parties!

Kids celebrate with us! If you are looking to make for a memorable experience choose chocolate making for your kids next birthday party. We are a mobile party option, which means we deliver the best in chocolate entertainment right to your door.

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Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Party Options that Kids Love!


Coming up with a unique party idea for your kids can be a challenge…. every year the bar is raised as you try to top the previous years party! Furthermore, not only are you looking for an entertaining option that will be a winner with your kids… you also want a hassle- free, affordable option for yourself.

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The Allergy Fix


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The statistics have spoken and allergies are on the rise like they have never been in the past. The interesting thing is that unlike our parents or grandparents who barely even knew what allergies were, now a staggering number of kids in schools have allergies and this health concern is no longer taboo.

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