Building a Chocolate Bridge at the Luxury Chocolate Show for SickKids Foundation

Imagine building a bridge out of chocolate – and doing a good deed at the same time!

Join us at the Toronto Chocolate Festival and build a delicious miniature replica of structures like San Francisco’s Golden Gate or London’s Tower Bridge.  It’s just $5 to take part – and while you’re having fun, your donation will help support Toronto’s SickKids Hospital, Canada’s largest centre dedicated to children’s health.


The Chocolate Tales team will be near the entrance of Roy Thomson Hall, Toronto, Sunday November 6th 2016 at the 6th Annual Toronto International Luxury Chocolate Show from 11am-6pm.

In case you’re wondering, the bridges are made of edible bricks, coated with fine quality melted chocolate, donated by famed supplier Callebaut.  All sorts of mouth-watering and colourful decorations are on hand to help replicate architectural features – and there’s even melted blue cocoa butter to recreate the water below.

And with all that delicious chocolate, it’ll be tough to hold back from licking your fingers!

But how does something so tasty stay so sturdy? 

Get there early to find out the sweet secret - and share the fun to help SickKids at the same time!

  • o   Building a Chocolate Bridge 11am-6pm close to the entrance of Roy Thomson Hall, Toronto, Sunday November 6th 2016 at the 6th Annual Toronto International Luxury Chocolate Show. Tickets $5 and proceeds go to SickKids Foundation, Toronto.

 We run chocolate-making ​workshops and events for all ages! Click here to book a workshop or call  1-800 905 2858 

Chocolate Tales Collaborates with Goemans Appliances


Your favourite Chocolate making business is growing!

Did you know you can join us for a workshop in Stoney Creek or Woodbridge? You can! We collaborated with Goemans Appliances @ and we are now featuring our workshops at 2 of their locations:

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Rainforest Alliance Certified

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Rainforest Alliance versus Fair Trade


Most of us have heard about the Fair Trade Certified™ seal but the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal may not ring a bell. Both are international organizations committed to improving agricultural practices, protecting forestry and improving the lives of farmers in the developing world.

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Fun Things to Do in Toronto!


Fun Activities that Bring People Together!


Chocolate Tales is a family run business in the City of Toronto that has people talking! With their open chocolate making workshops in hip places around the GTA including The Mad Bean, The St. Lawrence Market and Swansea Town Hall, Chocolate Tales is as much about the chocolate and spunky environment as it is about creating a fun space for people to get together!

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Chocolate…. The Love Drug


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Chocolate and What it Does to YOUR Mood 


While the affects of chocolate on lifting ones mood has been heavily documented, I can’t imagine anyone taking shots of chocolate milk at the club or sneaking some cocoa nibs into other peoples drinks anytime soon.

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Raspberry Truffle Photo Journal

                                              Trying Something New

I’ve tasted plenty of plain chocolate truffles in my day and I wanted to experiment with some of the bolder suggestions I’ve seen on the internet. One of the recipes I found called for your standard ganache recipe along with some jam perserve. I’m going to try some raspberry jam… but think about your options here people: fig, blueberry, organge marmelade! You can go pretty wild.

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Why Everything European Tastes Better


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The Sweet life in Europe


I’m not really sure why European foods taste better. I can take a few stabs and guess as to why though… maybe it’s the small little shops that are led by cobblestone or brick paths.  Or the people that remind you of all of your corky aunts and uncles and yell from across the room, take the time to meet and greet their customers, or make you taste this and that…. The simple fact that real people means real food. That in food preparations, taking the “road less traveled” is in fact better, where doing something ‘slower ‘ is better… a stark contrast to our time conscious Western culture. Maybe it’s because you know that someone made those foods with the care and time that we don’t have.

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