Get Your Life Organized for Back to School Season

10 Incredibly Smart Ideas To Get Your Life Organized:


The hot weather is melting away and September awaits us. As the new school season starts and a change of pace sets in, it’s the perfect time to organize our lives. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with things to do, or perhaps find that you put off doing what you enjoy because you never get to the fun “list”, you may need an intervention. It’s not too late to figure out a system and revamp your schedule so you can make time your friend! Here is our list of 10 recommendations you can implement today:


1)   Spend 15 minutes organizing everyday- from sorting our mail to mystery foods in your fridge!

2)   Keep a list of your passwords safe – on your desktop and perhaps a printed copy filed in a cabinet

3)   Find an online backup program like Dropbox and use it!

4)   Be ruthless in your closet and buy a closet organizer

5)   Use a morning checklist and prioritize



6)   Keep an emergency gear bag a work and in your car–  pack batteries, stain remover, pens, advil ect.

7)   One credit card per adult, period.

8)   Use a calendar to schedule your days

9)   Set a timer to get things done giving yourself a reasonable time frame

10)  When working put away distractions like your cell phone


Now that your life is getting organized, be sure to make time for fun!

Our team of Chocolatiers eagerly anticipate the new school season because in addition to being a great time to refocus it’s also a time that inspires new learning. September marks back-to-school. What better way to retain new information then by having a creative outlet that is fun and rewarding? Chocolate Tales offers plenty of workshops teaching you something new while keeping the agenda entertaining and fun.


Once you get your calendar organized, check out our event calendar and sign up for a workshop today!

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