How to Become a Chocolatier

What is a chocolatier?

A chocolatier is a person or company who makes confectionary from chocolate. Chocolatiers are distinct from chocolate makers, who create chocolate from cacao beans and other ingredients. If you have never tasted chocolates sculpted by a chocolatier you might be curious to know what makes chocolate made by a chocolatier better than the rest.


Being a chocolatier involves skillfully working with chocolate to create delicious pieces of edible artwork. There is a distinction between a chocolatier and a chocolate maker- a chocolatier is a master or expert able to beautifully design pieces that also taste sensational, while a chocolate maker doesn’t traditionally have the skills to handcraft chocolate with the same artistic and sensory appeal.  Furthermore, factory made chocolates aren’t made with the same high quality ingredients, original designs or chemistry.


How about formal education – must you attend culinary school to become a chocolatier? There are two distinct ways of thinking about that question. 


1) If you do receive formal education, you’ll acquire much of the technical knowledge necessary for making chocolates, and you’ll receive some hands-on experience as well. You’ll almost certainly end up working for, or apprenticing to one or more chocolatiers. These placements are really the best way to pick up practical knowledge of the ins-and-outs of chocolate making, as well as other aspects of the business. 


2) On the other hand, there are many chocolatiers who don’t  usually won’t hire culinary school graduates, claiming that they come in with too many preconceived notions about making chocolates and aren’t receptive to the chocolatier’s ways of doing things. So in these cases, having some background but not formal education may be more desirable when working with or for a chocolatier! 

Formal education or not, to become a good chocolatier generally, it takes years of experience and a good understanding of confections to master the art of working with chocolate; Chocolatiers are experts in:

a) the history and facts about chocolate 

b) the chemistry of chocolate’s flavors and textures 

c) chocolate tempering, dipping, decorating and moudling 

d) confectionery chemistry and formulations (ganache and fondant) 

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