Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Enjoy Chocolate This Summer!


The “season” of highest chocolate consumption starts months just before Halloween, continues throughout the colder months- Christmas, Valentines, Mother’s Day and then typically drops off after Easter…. but why? The most common reason is that the “chocolate season” is dictated by the chocolate industry and marketers, who especially aim to please during those holidays and celebrations.


Further, some people consider it too hot to eat chocolate in July and August and turn to eating chocolatiers’ ice cream instead. We think that eating chocolate in chilled form or other shouldn’t be seasonal and here are our top 8 reasons as to why:


1) Chocolate taste like summer.

Chocolate is no longer a treat to be enjoyed only in the winter months. Chocolates, chocolate bars and other chocolate recipes are now more then ever including summery flavors – such as floral notes like lavender, seasonal fruits and mint! Just check out Custom Creations to make your own summery combination. ** Enjoy 30% OFF using discount code: SUMMER!



2) S’mores… enough said!

Summer is really not complete without S’mores and S’mores aren’t complete without chocolate!


3) Get that bikini bod with the help of some chocolate!

Some studies advocate for dark chocolate’s ability to boost one’s metabolism helping people loose weight when eaten in moderation.


4) Protect yourself from the sun.

While chocolate does not offer UV protection… it is high in flavonoids and antioxidants which help defend your skin against the damage of the sun’s rays.


5) Enjoy it cold to cool yourself off.

Chocolate can be enjoyed in chilled recipes too! One of my favourite back- yard BBQ treats includes half a banana on a popsicle stick, dunked into melted chocolate and frozen in the freezer to enjoy an hour later.



6) Gift it.

Going to a summer party or event and not sure what to bring the host? Almost everyone loves chocolate so it makes an affordable gift idea that you know will be enjoyed (and not re-gifted!).


7) Get softer skin.

The cocoa flavonoids in chocolate are associated with more hydrated and softer skin.


8 ) Get out of the house and learn something.

Are you on vacation for the summer months and looking for something to do? Go to a Chocolate Making Workshop and learn how to craft your very own chocolate treats this summer!

Have your own reasons why we should eat chocolate over the summer months? Share them on our Facebook page or post a comment below!



Happy Summer Days,

The Chocolate Tales Team


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