The Secret to the BEST Chocolate

Chocolatiers and Specialty Chocolates for the Holidays

Chocolatiers are on high demand during the Christmas holidays, and if you have never tasted chocolates sculpted by a chocolatier or seen a chocolatier artfully creating specialty chocolates you might be curious to know what makes chocolate made by a chocolatier better than the rest.


Being a chocolatier involves skillfully working with chocolate to create delicious pieces of edible artwork. There is a distinction between a chocolatier and a chocolate maker- a chocolatier is a master or expert able to beautifully design pieces that also taste sensational, while a chocolate maker doesn’t traditionally have the skills to handcraft chocolate with the same artistic and sensory appeal.  Furthermore, factory made chocolates aren’t made with the same high quality ingredients, original designs or chemistry.


You might have guessed that making specialty chocolates is as much about the quality of the ingredients as it is about the entertainment value in its skilled creation, or, in the least, the ability to share the final product and taste the production that went into its creation.





Sharing hand-crafted specialty chocolates is also about sharing and honoring the tradition of this skill that originated long ago in France. Generally, it takes years of experience and a good understanding of confections to master the art of working with chocolate; Chocolatiers are experts in:




•  The history of chocolate

•  The chemistry of chocolate’s flavors and textures

•  Chocolate tempering, dipping, decorating, and molding

•  Confectionery chemistry and formulations ( ganache and/or fondant)







So what’s the secret to the BEST chocolate? Buying hand-made specialty chocolates from a local Chocolatier! Chocolate Tales is excited to be able to share the art of chocolatiering with you, creating hand-made chocolates with decadent white, milk, and dark 100% pure Belgian Chocolate. Some of our skilled Chocolatiers have worked on putting together their favourite flavor combinations with hints of coffee, Dulce de Leche, and raspberry! Check out our online store for more details.

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