Rainforest Alliance Certified

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Rainforest Alliance versus Fair Trade


Most of us have heard about the Fair Trade Certified™ seal but the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal may not ring a bell. Both are international organizations committed to improving agricultural practices, protecting forestry and improving the lives of farmers in the developing world.


The Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal can be found on a number of goods including but not limited to: coffee, bananas, flowers, ferns, timber, paper and chocolate! Chocolate Tales is proud to offer Rainforest Certified™ chocolates in our Costa Rican varieties!


Image Borrowed by en.wikipedia.org


While the Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade share similar missions and goals, they differ in focus and strategy. The Rainforest Alliance uses the power of the markets to stop deforestation and environmental destruction.


They also make sure that industries that can affect the environment, such as forestry, farming, ranching, and the tourism industry, are managed according to rigorous sustainability standards. The next step is linking these earth friendly businesses to conscientious consumers to create sustainable communities that can thrive in the modern world.


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