Backyard Parties!

Chocolate Tales DOES Backyard Parties


Things are starting to warm up a bit and as Torontonians that experience cool -cold weather 75% of the year, we will take any excuse to put them shorts on and go outdoors!


Backyard parties are great for several reasons including we get to enjoy the weather while it lasts, but also because it allows us to get in touch with nature, is a great reason to hang out with friends and family AND keeps the house cleaner!


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Chocolate Tales is on top of this trend, offering outdoor parties that are sure to please! Chocolate isn’t just a treat that warms the soul during winter months, Chocolate is a deliciously melty treat for anytime of year … if you don’t believe me, check out the wide selection of chocolate ice creams and chocolate desserts and drinks offered everywhere in the Summer!


And if chocolate on its own doesn’t scream “SUMMER TIME!!!!” to you, pairing chocolate with berries and fruits, mint or lavender can give it a helping hand…



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