Gift Ideas

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Gift Ideas that Work 


With all the occasions for gift giving- gifts for Valentine’s Day, gifts for birthdays, gifts for anniversaries, gifts for Easter for Christmas… and so on… you could find yourself with empty wallets and also find yourself running low on creative ideas.


Can’t you just bless your loved ones with your awesome presence and charm? I think this is a good idea, except I did this last year and the year before that year.  Ok, so I should make a better effort this time, let’s have a look at some of our gifting options:


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The Practical Gift:

You can always get your loved ones a basket of deodorant and socks because you know these items will be used, and aha! They can’t be re-gifted. I use to try this approach for my mom on Mothers day, for example, giving her some new cutlery and food processor… cause hey, every women between the ages of 30-55 dreams of the day they get household items that everyone uses.  My mother is a selfless caring women but no one deserves to be treated like this on Mothers Day! Next…


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The Expensive and Impressive Gift:

You can always get your mom some shinny new Swarovski Gown and your Dad a new set of wheels!… Whoa, hey how much do you think I make a year?? Gheez. I know my writing “skillz” are awesome… Even if I could afford these gifts, would my mom find many uses for that expensive, yet impressive dress/vase/jewelry? Probably not.  My dad arguably would, as a new car is expensive yet practical, however, it’s not remotely within my budget…


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The Handmade Gift:

Hand made gifts are great. I, for one, have been guilty as charged for putting together some pipe cleaners and googley-eyed gifts in my day. I am sort of on the artistic side though, I have created handmade: chocolates, paintings and jewelry for people I know. The “thing” about handmade gifts is their sentimentality and your ability to personalize the gift. These types of gifts are the gifts you give to people who you really know. I wouldn’t recommend knitting some funky slippers for Secret Santa … Awkward.


The “Night out”/ Entertainment Gift:

The “Night Out” gift, similarly to the Handmade gift, can be a sentimental gift that you share with someone; it’s as much about the gift- like a night out at a Chocolate Making Workshop, or Dancing or seeing a Show, as it is about the time you’re spending with that person. Unless you’re gifting the generic Starbucks or Swiss Chalet gift cards to everyone you see walking down that street… and don’t expect to be invited along, you can get away with a “whatever” gift card for people you do not know well.


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