White Chocolate

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Hate it or Love it


My mom use to only buy me white chocolate as a kid because she argued it was a healthier option (no caffeine)… and as a kid that loved sweets, I’d take whatever I could get! You can say, white chocolate and I go way back. But some years later, as I discovered my more matured palate and took an interest in high quality foods, I discovered that not all white chocolate is made equal (just like not all chocolate in general is made equal) and I became traumatized with some of the gritty overly sweet concoctions I’ve tasted thereafter.


There’s also been a phase where I felt a little suspicious of it pretending to be something it’s not. It’s not technically “chocolate” after all, since it contains no cocoa powder… furthermore, some white chocolate doesn’t even contain cocoa butter- the substance that is suppose to be mutually contained all chocolate, the factor that gives chocolate is creamy smoothness.


Cheaper versions of white chocolate actually use vegetable oils to mimic the mouth feel of white chocolate but end up overly compensating with sugar and vanilla “flavor” that just doesn’t cut it for me.


With this said, despite being temporarily turned off white chocolate, I wanted to give it another chance since I’m a nice forgiving person and all. I found that I started to, once again, open up my heart to white chocolate when I tasted some good quality stuff.


What should you look for in a good quality White Chocolate?


At least 20% Cocoa Butter

14% Total Milk Solids

3.5% Milk Fat

Real Vanilla

No more than 55% sugar or sweeteners

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