Raspberry Truffle Photo Journal

                                              Trying Something New

I’ve tasted plenty of plain chocolate truffles in my day and I wanted to experiment with some of the bolder suggestions I’ve seen on the internet. One of the recipes I found called for your standard ganache recipe along with some jam perserve. I’m going to try some raspberry jam… but think about your options here people: fig, blueberry, organge marmelade! You can go pretty wild.



I had cheated here a bit and purchased a Truffle Centre Slab from the craftmychocolate website. If you have some extra time on a Sunday Afternoon, try the ganache recipe below. An interesting tip about most of the ganache recipes found on the internet is that they typically add too much liquid preventing your ganache from forming into a truffle slab. You can still dip fruits into the mixture or whatever you can find around your house OR you can use the mixture to pipe into truffle shells.  Note to self: Its always a good idea to test out  a recipe before planning to have people over. And just for the record, I got a little happy when pouring the cream in this recipe and added more like 100g… it set well in the fridge, but when it came to rolling, they were pretty melty… I didn’t mind as it had a really soft Lindor chocolate- like texture!



Classic Ganache Recipe:

400 g of bittersweet chocolate

80g cream

20g of butter


  1. In a large pot bring 1-2inches of water to boil.
  2. Place 400g of chocolate into a stainless steel mixing bowl
  3. Heat up the cream in a sauce pan until it starts to simmer and pour onto the chocolate. Let it settle for a minute…
  4. Start mixing until the ganache becomes shiny
  5. Place the mixing bowl above the shimmering pot of water and add the butter, mix until consistent and shinny.
  6. Place a zip lock bag upon a cup to easiuly pour your mixture into. Make sure to remove any air trapped inside by tapped it against a table on its side before sealing it.
  7. Place the zip lock between 2 flat objects, like 2 trays to set. Place in the fridge for 24hours.
  8. Make Truffles!




Here I’m just re-melting my ganache (about 200g) with 2 heaping tablespoons of raspberry jam. I’m using a double boiler system here on my mom’s 1900’s stove top.



Once the ganache and raspberry jam got all melty and combined together. Here I am placing them into a zip lock to create a truffle slab. I then placed this baggie into the freezer for about 8-12 hours and it was already set… actually a little too set, so I left it at room temperature for 20 minutes before I started rolling.



Me being a truffle rolling master



Rolling your truffle will cause the ganache to get wet slighty in your hands and perfect for sticking onto an outer coating like cocoa powder. Just dunk it in a bowl filled with cocoa poweder, shake, shake, and rescue it using an enrobing tool or a fork.



OR if you like a hard chocolate exterior to bite into, you can melt some chocolate wafers using the double boiler system and then dunk your truffles into it!



Simply slide them off your enrobing tool or fork and let them set for a few hours before pigging out!  Enjoy!






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