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Chocolate- The New Condiment


Chocolate is becoming your everyday handy dandy condiment… you can pretty much dip anything into chocolate these days and not get the eyebrow raise from your fellow diners.


Chocolate dipped items range from the tame and expected strawberries and cookies to the slightly more adventurous, ginger and pretzels, to crazy things like squid and scorpions! Where can you even buy scorpions?


These more awesomely ridiculous chocolate dipping ideas, I imagine, can pave the way for some breakthrough flavour pairings and excite some the most daring foodies or even just the folks that will “try anything once”. These new ideas, are also somewhat reminiscent of the days I would bring the ketchup bottle to the dinner table as a kid and squirt it all over the foods that looked like they had a secret agenda or just tasted gross… after all, theoretically speaking, drenching chocolate on something that is awful DOES in fact make it marginally better… am I right, or am I right?


I’m curious as to how daring the Toronto folk are; this  begs the question- how far would you go… that is, how many of these Chocolate dipped items have you tried??


Mmmm bacon and chocolate!


Chocolate covered pickles?  The Sweet and Savory mix!


How about onions and chocolate…. and ogre sprinkles?





Ahhhh… scorpions and chocolate!



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