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The statistics have spoken and allergies are on the rise like they have never been in the past. The interesting thing is that unlike our parents or grandparents who barely even knew what allergies were, now a staggering number of kids in schools have allergies and this health concern is no longer taboo.


For those kids that have food allergies, it is a scary world for them and their parents alike. These kids not only have to look both ways before crossing the street and not talk to strangers, but they also have to constantly be aware of what food products are being served or what ingredients are in what.


Thankfully, I do not have allergies, but I do know someone with a nut allergy … even as adults, they are paranoid of coming face to face with a little crumb of something by accident, only to be rushed to the hospital afterwards. It never happened for him yet thankfully, but his fear… and this collective fear no doubt contributed to the abolition of nuts in schools and better food labeling laws, including the law suit saver words  “may contain nuts”.



To adapt to this allergic world we find ourselves in, Chocolate Tales has been proudly able to offer Kids and Adults parties that are nut-free, allowing you some piece of mind! Having nut-free options are a definite solution in the meantime. However, its interesting to think about how this world may change…


The health experts are wondering if we have it all wrong, that perhaps complete abstinence is not the way to go. That nothing from something not good, is worse then a little of something not good… huh? Watch this clip and tune into The Allergy Fix Feb 27th at 7pm on CBC:


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