The Valentine’s Tradition

 A look at our cultures’ Valentine Celebration


Along with Christmas, Hallowe’en and Easter, Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays where you expect lots of chocolate!  The tradition of giving confectionaries to our sweeties began during the Middle ages- the time of courtly love. For the wealthy anyways, this was a time of love letters, roses, hearts and cupids, of lutes and flutes and demonstrating your love in horonable ways…. what a great time to be a lady in love!


Huge advancements in the confectionary world occurred in the 19th century with Mr.Cadbury. He developed techniques creating a smoother, less gritty chocolate and even was thought to be the first to develop the heart shaped chocolate box we see now everywhere!


A modern day Valentines Day is really a varied experience… I remember in my elementary school days, sharing valentine cards with not only your secret admirers but every classmate along with cinnamon or conversation candy hearts (my fave). High school was filled with Valentines Day dances with the boys and girls separated by the impenetrable wall of puberty awkwardness in the middle. Later on, through my University years, dinners, movie nights and chocolates were the routine with my boyfriend and I’d happily leave my single friends and family behind as I got doted on. Currently however, I realize the awesome-ness of the kindergarden years, where you hand a Valentine to everyone and everyone… Why not?



The historical traditions of love letter, chocolates and romance have shaped our current Valentines Day experience but in truth I think a meshing of the traditions of the past and present make for a really special day! Valentines Day should be a time of romantic love but it’s also a time to honour everyone that was special to you, not just your lover or lovers… I was popular in kindergarden, give me a break.



Happy Valentines!


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