Chocolate Making 101

Chocolate Making Adventure # 1

I’d like to say I’m a pretty artistic person; I love to paint, make jewelry and I love to cook (and EAT!!). With that said, I wouldn’t really call myself a chocolate maker and calling myself a chocolatier is an even farther stretch from the truth.  Nonetheless, I was pretty excited when I received the “Cupid Kit” from Chocolate Dave, and invited my boyfriend over to see what kind of chocolate monstrosities we could create.

The kit is pretty cute I must say, it comes in a red jazzy organza bag and has some interesting looking pieces. It comes with:


Cupid Kit Contents:

1 kg of Chocolate Wafers (Bittersweet… sweet but not too sweet)

2 Enrobing tools (they come with different styles: pitch fork, circular wand… crazy looking things)

1 Truffle cutter (My bag came with a heart shaped cutter)

Decorative Candy Bags + Twist Ties

Recipe + Instruction Sheet


We were newbies to truffle making, as mentioned, so we carefully read the enclosed recipe and gave these tools and ingredients a whirl.


The first step was to gather some ingredients to make a ganache:


Ganache Recipe:

400g of chocolate

80g cream

20g butter (unsalted)


A three ingredient recipe is my kind of recipe, it was actually super easy to make. If you are the adventurous type or just a show off, you can actually add some cool ingredients to your ganache like brandy, jam, rose water or even some textured ingredients like chopped nuts and such!


Check out my recorded Chocolate Making Adventure here


The verdict: Definitely a good starter tool if you never made chocolate before. If you want something more advanced, you can certainly experiment with this kit as well, using more or different ingredients, and practice advanced truffle making and decorative techniques.


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