Why Everything European Tastes Better


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The Sweet life in Europe


I’m not really sure why European foods taste better. I can take a few stabs and guess as to why though… maybe it’s the small little shops that are led by cobblestone or brick paths.  Or the people that remind you of all of your corky aunts and uncles and yell from across the room, take the time to meet and greet their customers, or make you taste this and that…. The simple fact that real people means real food. That in food preparations, taking the “road less traveled” is in fact better, where doing something ‘slower ‘ is better… a stark contrast to our time conscious Western culture. Maybe it’s because you know that someone made those foods with the care and time that we don’t have.

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Chocolate Making 101

Chocolate Making Adventure # 1

I’d like to say I’m a pretty artistic person; I love to paint, make jewelry and I love to cook (and EAT!!). With that said, I wouldn’t really call myself a chocolate maker and calling myself a chocolatier is an even farther stretch from the truth.  Nonetheless, I was pretty excited when I received the “Cupid Kit” from Chocolate Dave, and invited my boyfriend over to see what kind of chocolate monstrosities we could create.

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The Language of Chocolate

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 Sorting through the Chocolate terminology Mumbo-Jumbo


If chocolate could talk what would it say? The Chocolate world, like the rest of the food world, is bombarded with food conscious lingo such as “organic”, “local” and “fair trade” to name a few. Another key term raising eyebrows in the world of chocolate is the concept of “Bean to Bar” as it pertains to quality processing methods.

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The Valentine’s Tradition

 A look at our cultures’ Valentine Celebration


Along with Christmas, Hallowe’en and Easter, Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays where you expect lots of chocolate!  The tradition of giving confectionaries to our sweeties began during the Middle ages- the time of courtly love. For the wealthy anyways, this was a time of love letters, roses, hearts and cupids, of lutes and flutes and demonstrating your love in horonable ways…. what a great time to be a lady in love!

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