New Years Resolutions


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Rolling in the New Year with Realistic Resolutions


It’s that time of year again… Bingo Night Fridays! (Just Kidding) It’s almost New Years! Around this time of year, people of all sorts think of New Years resolutions to keep (for as long as they can). If you’re thinking that the most common new years resolutions have anything to do with resolving to eat better and get fit you’re bang on.



Eating better, losing weight and getting physically fit are some of the most commonly made goals for starting off the New Year… and it’s no wonder! Self-improvement has been a popularized concept of the 20th century fueling the rapid growth of the weight loss and dieting industry.


Thankfully, more recently, commonsense has been encouraged by other health professionals, authors, and activists alike and these trends for self-improvement are met with critics whose focus is on BALANCE and MODERATION.


Modern foodies and health professionals think in terms of balance because too often dieting results in yo-yo weight loss, which long term, is more unhealthy then eating your favorite treats in moderation. The best type of “diets” are guilt free, health conscious yet not restrictive!


With that said, if you are going to eat treats in moderation, it better be good gosh darn it! Enjoy a chocolate making home party for the new year or hold a corporate event with Chocolate Tales… we’re pretty much the friggin best using 100% pure, rich Belgian chocolate!


Happy New Year from The Chocolate Tales Team!


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