Holiday Gift Wrapping

Ideas to Wrap Your Gifts This Holiday Season 


Making your own holiday treats as gifts is an “ah ha moment” for several reasons! First of all, its affordable… you can make boatloads of chocolate treats and stuff them with even more affordable goodness like marshmallows.

It’s also a great idea because you can personalize your chocolate treats to show how much you care… if your nonna’s favorite color is purple, you can die your chocolate the color of her favorite sweater… if your mother loves sparkly things, add some edible glitter! And if your dad likes bacon, I say go for it!


Once you have made a grand pile of truffles and chocolate filled goodies, next is packaging up the little bad boys. If you wrap candies prepare to get your fingers a little sticky…  Deal with it. Ideally you will round up people to help you.



Creative Gift Packaging Ideas: 


Cupcake Tins (Baking Asile or Dollar Store):

This is a great option for packaging truffles! Place 1-2 truffles in each cupcake holder and place in a cellophane bag. Try not eat every third one.



Wax Paper or Parchment Paper (Baking Asile):

Wrap a little piece of paper around your candy, then twist the ends shut – that’s it. No special artsy talents needed, which is good because you may have decided you are a baker or cook and moderately crafty, not Picasso.



Cellophane bags, Gift Boxes or Glass Jars (Dollar Store):

For larger treats, like chocolate lava cakes or chocolate chip cookies, package in either decorative boxes, bags or a glass jar and decorate with ribbons and bows… maybe tie some doo-dads such as bells to the closure as well!


Holidays are getting closer so don’t be shy to check out our corporate page and book Chocolate Tales for an unforgettable event.


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