Selecting a Venue for Your Events in Toronto!

Choosing a Venue for your Next Event! 


If you are planning a large event, be it a wedding party, a birthday or anniversary, selecting a venue in which to host can stir up a lot of excitement. However, it may also be a bit stressful to select a venue that is unique and fulfills all your requirements.  Some of the most important items to consider when booking a venue include your budget, the venue ambiance, event activities and size or lay-out of the space.

Once you have an idea of your budget you can determine a list of plausible options.

You may decide to look for an artistic and creative space or the elegance of a historical building, hotel or golf club hall.


If you are planning to serve food and drinks or provide entertainment for your guests, these activities may require extra staffing and will need to be organized on a schedule.


The size of your space also is important to consider as a giant hall for a comparatively small group may feel cold and impersonal. A large group in a small space may fair off better in a cocktail style set-up, rather then squeezing everyone into a seated table arrangement.


Having hosted many corporate, bridal and home party events, Chocolate Tales works with our clients to find the right space for our chocolate making events! See some of our favorite venues listed here:


Our Top 10 Venue Spaces:



Authentic and historical, Brick Works boast an expansive space with cultural and environmental history charm that shines through. Find beautiful gardens, stunning heritage buildings, and an eco-friendly design here.




Artscape Wychwood Barns carries with it its heritage charm from its past life as a TTC streetcar repair barn. Also, green, with its sustainable greenhouse and sustainable food practices, Wychwood is perfect for entertainment, exhibitions, as well as food and drink events.



Airship 37:


Adjacent to the Distillery District, the 5,000-square-foot space is divided into two spaces with cool, industrial feels and an antique Parisian chandelier.  Airship 37 is mostly a blank canvas – albeit, one with ample room for lots of guests.



Loft404 is an exquisitely unique creative space in downtown Toronto, tucked away in the heart of the Entertainment District. This 4,500 square-foot space is welcoming to a wide variety of guests for an endless range of uses as diverse as its design.


Sultan’s Tent:

The Sultan’s Tent is located in Toronto’s only remaining historic cast iron building, just steps away from numerous downtown luxury hotels. Offering live belly dancing and a Moroccan inspired menu, the Sultans Tent is a great space to entertain for those seeking, good food and fun.


180 Panorama:

Panorama lounge is located atop the 51st floor of the Manulife Centre in Toronto’s fashionable Yorkville neighbourhood. Offering guests a spectacular view to both the north and south of the city and offering cocktails and delicious food!


AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario):

The AGO offers both contemporary and classic spaces, accommodating groups of any size. All rooms can be transformed to meet your specific taste, budget and style.


Glass Factory/99 Sudbury:

The Glass Factory at 99 Sudbury is an impressive open loft space downtown with exposed brick and hardwood floors, a raised stage, huge capacity, and attached patio space.


The Gladstone:

The longest continuously operating hotel in Toronto, this landmark building offers two floors of multi-functional event spaces for a variety of events.


Arta Gallery:

Nestled in the Historic Distillery District in downtown Toronto, Arta Gallery is a unique commercial arts space and event venue space that is visually transformed depending on the event needs.





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