New Years Resolutions


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Rolling in the New Year with Realistic Resolutions


It’s that time of year again… Bingo Night Fridays! (Just Kidding) It’s almost New Years! Around this time of year, people of all sorts think of New Years resolutions to keep (for as long as they can). If you’re thinking that the most common new years resolutions have anything to do with resolving to eat better and get fit you’re bang on.

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Selecting a Venue for Your Events in Toronto!

Choosing a Venue for your Next Event! 


If you are planning a large event, be it a wedding party, a birthday or anniversary, selecting a venue in which to host can stir up a lot of excitement. However, it may also be a bit stressful to select a venue that is unique and fulfills all your requirements.  Some of the most important items to consider when booking a venue include your budget, the venue ambiance, event activities and size or lay-out of the space.

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