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Have us host your Holiday Party!

Hold up, we originally said Hallowe’en was our favorite holiday but forgot to mention it is tied with the winter holidays. The holidays are fantabulous because they are a time of sharing traditions, delicious foods and gifts (yay, raindeer onesies!). Whether you celebrate Hannuka, Christmas or neither is fine, as the holiday season does not discriminate and all can part-take in the festivities.

I grew up with 4 sisters; having a large immediate family was great especially around the holidays as we helped our parents carry on their holiday traditions. Some of my favorite holiday traditions were the sisters dessert bake-off, our Kris-Kringle gift sharing and the good-deed for a straw stick you anonymously would place in a pile and watch it grow a month before Christmas (Random, but what a sweet idea!).


Another one of my favorites is going to family or friends dinner parties- who doesn’t love a good party? It’s always a great time to catch up, drink some wine, eat some cheese and chocolates…


Did I just say chocolate? Yes my friend. Chocolate is in fact one of the most commonly used ingredient/food at a holiday party. But here’s an idea:  what about a make-your own chocolate making party that comes to your door?  Now we’re talking, after all, the holidays are a time of rest and relaxation as we roll in the newyear, so why not let someone else do the entertaining?!


Chocolate Making Entertainment by Chocolate Tales is a one-size- fits- all cost- effective solution! What better way to celebrate the holidays with a seasonal chocolate making party that keeps you cosy indoors as we come to you (matching raindeer onesies or party hats optional)! Let us take the pressure off you to impress the extended family and host an entertaining event that also takes care of dessert!





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