Movember Chocolate Moustaches

Chocolate Moustaches for Movember 


Gringo, trucker, and business stashes welcome! This month is a time to support our men and raise awareness of male dominated cancers… and in addition to donating, what better way to show support then by sporting an edible chocolate moustache? Glad you agree.


Our chocolaty inspired Movember awareness campaign may sound a little funny at first, for example, chocolate is traditionally considered the ultimate female guilty pleasure according to the plentiful advertisement campaigns geared towards women… however, we at Chocolate Tales are convinced that men have been secretly hiding their love for chocolate. After all, some of the newest chocolate trends include flavored chocolates, such as chili, bacon and beer… and if you ask my boyfriend, that sounds like a balanced meal.


Marketing initiatives perhaps were inspired by evolutionary eating patterns, that is, during the hunter gatherer times women were responsible for gathering the sweeter fruits and veggies, while the men were the meat suppliers.  This day and age however, since these dietary rituals are no longer necessary, and foods of all types are widely available… you better believe men are chocolate lovers! And if you don’t eat chocolate because it tastes awesome, at least do it for your heart!


Research suggests that men benefit more then women from eating dark chocolate! Don’t get jealous ladies, but researchers have found that dark chocolate does a better job protecting men against heart disease, blood clots, and stroke.


If you’re a man and love chocolate, wear your chocolate moustache proudly, especially for Movember. After all, it takes a real man to eat a raspberry filled, coconut sprinkled French Chocolate truffle. YOU GO BOY!


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