Halloween is at The Door!

The History of Halloween

For chocolate lovers one of the sweetest times of the year is Halloween. This celebration has been around for over 2,000 years. It began in Great Britain and Northern France as a Celtic festival called Samhain. This festival was held on October 31st to commemorate the end of the harvest season and prepare for the harsh winter ahead. For the revelers the coming cruel winter signified death, consequently it was believed that on this day spirits rose from the dead and mingled with the living. To scare off bad spirits, people wore masks and costumes. To encourage good spirits, they left food at their doors. When the Romans conquered the Celts the Roman Catholic Church attempted to do away with Samhain by calling it All Saint’s Day (also known as All Hallows Day) and transforming it into a time to celebrate those saints who did not have a holiday named after themselves. The Romans were unsuccessful. The traditions of Samhain continued and eventually All Hallows Day was abbreviated to Halloween. By the mid-twentieth century, Halloween had become a secular holiday. Today it’s the second largest commercial holiday in the United States with Halloween-related sales of approximately $6.9 billion a year. Have you figured out what ghoulish goodies you’ll be handing out? Why not try something different this year and make your own Halloween treats? A Chocolate Tales Chocolate-Making Party is the ideal way.

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