Tips to make that outdoor party a sweet success

Tips to make that outdoor party a sweet success

Summer’s here! The kids are out of school. You can feel the energy in the air. Celebrate with an outdoor party or event by Chocolate Tales. Get your friends together or round up the kids for a mess-free party that’s filled with chocolaty fun. Planning a birthday, stag and doe, baby shower, staff promotion or retirement get together? A Chocolate Tales party is the perfect way to celebrate and makes for a memorable, summertime event.

We provide all the necessary equipment and products, including disposable aprons, gloves, table cloth, and more. We even take care of the entertainment. Plus, until June 30th, 2012, when you book a party with Chocolate Tales you’ll receive a three-topping large pizza for FREE.

Simple party planning tips

  1. Do you find that people just don’t RSVP anymore? Why not create an invite by using a social networking website like Facebook? It’s easy: after you’ve created a free account, you can create a new event from your home page. Add everything from a title, location, date and time, the guest list (which can be public or private) and any other notes you want your guests to be aware of.
  2. At this time of year garden parties are hot! Chocolate Tales can also set up in any room, or even a boat or plane! Choose the setting that suits your party.
  3. Some cool places to hold a chocolate party might be at a local park, a banquet hall, a community recreation centre, or even along a pier or beach strip in the area.
  4. Create a fun, energetic atmosphere for your guests. Decorations, special lighting, music, and yummy smells will set the party mood!
  5. Bright colours capture the spirit of summer fun. Consider different coloured bulbs in your light fixtures, colourful napkins, plates and decorations.
  6. Keep things cool by opening windows or turning up the A/C. Studies have shown that hot weather can make people feel more irritable.
  7. Serve light foods. Hot and heavy meals in warm weather can make guests feel too full and tired. Some fun snacks include fruits and vegetables with dips, or perhaps ice cream after a BBQ!
  8. Don’t forget to utilize great appetizers they’re sure crowd-pleasers.
  9. Lastly, party favours are always a big hit! Book Chocolate Tales for your next party and you’ll have this covered off—after your event, guests will be sent off with a box of yummy treats that they will have created themselves!

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